Doris Ojuederie

Founder, Blockchain African Ladies

Ojuederie Doris, a blockchain certified expert, enterpreneure with expertise on business Development and stragic marketing and ardent blockchain lover and preacher have been in the blockchain space for about 6 years and passionate about educating African women about the blockchain technology.

Faith Obafemi

Blockchain Lawyer

Faith Obafemi is a digital lawyer whose practice area revolves around legaltech, cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contracts. As a Founding Partner at Lex Futurus, an international blockchain law firm, Faith helps her clients illuminate and navigate the crypto dark maze. When she's not decoding the law for her clients, you can find her learning Solidity and HyperLedger Fabric or watching Korean series!

Alakanani Itireleng

Founder,, Botswana

Alakanani Itireleng is one of the first ladies to be behind the bitcoin and blockchain technology having been fully active since 2013,she is widely known as the Bitcoinlady of Africa,she is a global blockchain speaker,an innovator and founder of the blockchain hub satoshicentre and a startup called plaas(

Eseoghene Mentie

QA Manager, uPort ConsenSys

Ese has over 10 years experience in building, deploying and supporting quality enterprise, e-commerce, payment, identity & SaaS products. Her passion and interest for solving social problems, led her to the uPort product at ConsenSys as QA Manager where she works in a team that is building out a self sovereign identity platform on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. She is highly passionate about quality, test engineering and continuous improvement, and currently advocates for its presence in all facets of technology. She believes it’s high time we reveal that all tech, in and of itself, is not rocket science

Eman Herawy

Blockchain Developer Egypt

Eman Herawy Is an Egyptian blockchain developer and part of a Blockchain/AI team and currently working on different Blockchain including ethereum , quorum, ethereum swarm, hyperledger fabric domains. Herawy is also mastered in cloud networks.

Daisy Ozim

Director at Blockchain for Social Justice, USA

Daisy Ozim a US based blockchain distruptor who is a Director at Blockchain for social Justice. Daisy has featured as a speaker in Several Blockchain Conferences in the US.

Heaven Bereket

Chief Business development officer for Edtech Company and Founder of Bambino Foundation. (Sweden)

Heaven Bereket is a Social Entrepreneur at heart! A young female entrepreneur doing business with a purpose. Using an innovative model of funding her start-up through Crypto & Forex trading. With over 5 years of experience of trading, training >900 people around the world to financing >1400 children's healthcare costs. Heaven will bring an international perspective of the new technology called Blockchain and how it's being used for the social good. Her biggest passion is providing support to local initiatives and working towards a financial inclusion.

Maureen Lawson Murat

Attorney & Principal at Crowdie Advisors, LLC (USA)

Maureen L. Murat is an attorney and is principal of Crowdie Advisors, LLC, a business consulting firm dedicated to helping local and foreign entrepreneurs and small businesses form business entities, transact business (strategy, planning and problem-solving), and obtain financing via equity crowdfunding and other alternative financing methods. Maureen is a partner with Axes and Eggs, a blockchain think tank and digital advisory firm that focuses on blockchain consulting, education courses for executives and digital advisory services. She is also Operations Director with AffinitiVC, a venture capital firm that supports early stage fund managers. Maureen also serves as Of Counsel to Cogent Law Group, a law firm dedicated to helping clients meet their business objectives. Her practice focuses on corporate matters, cryptocurrency regulation compliance, securities and general tax matters.

Genevieve Leveille

Principal Founder and Chief Executive Officer at AgriLedger (JERSEY)

Genevieve has over 23 years experience in Supply Chain Finance and Banking and is an expert in digital identity, market risk, liquidity management, treasury and business and industry transformation. She is a renowned international speaker and has considerable experience in all major international markets. Genevieve was an Advisor to the Government of Estonia on their e-Residency Program; Managing Director of Anoterra; Co-Chair of the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Working Group providing strategic direction for all techUK activities related to blockchain and DLT and Senior Advisor to various blockchain solution projects. In 2016 Genevieve founded and led a hackathon team in the creation of the AgriLedger concept, a social enterprise project using distributed ledger technology and mobile apps for agricultural producers. Not only does Genevieve bring significant expertise and corporate experience to Blockchain and Crypto currency industries, she’s a passionate and skilled advocate in utilising technology solutions for social impact, empowerment and the greater good. Genevieve is also a Fellow of the Startup Leadership Programme, a network for the next generation of founders, entrepreneurs. leaders and innovators and has won a number of awards for her work.

Lindsay Nuon

Founder and CEO of Women of Color in Blockchain, Inc (WCB)

Lindsay began her career in STEM in the US military 15 years ago and has since worked in the US Intelligence Community and with government agencies including NCIS, the FBI, and HHS; Fortune 500 companies, one of the hottest Cybersecurity startups in the industry toping best-of-lists in Information Weekly Dark Reading, SC Magazine and WSJ. She advises startups, mentors and speaks on topics including: Cybersecurity, Data privacy, Governance, Risk, and Compliance and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She is a proud member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, a Certified Ethical Hacker and an Integrated Risk Management strategist she has worked with and mentored some of the best and brightest in the high-tech sector on some of the most challenging information security issues facing the Federal and corporate landscape. Her passion for philanthropy and social impact has lead her to serve internationally across the U.S., Europe, and on the largest multilateral humanitarian mission in the SE Asia-Pacific region. To date her work has been covered in Al Jazeera, CNBC, and quoted in Buzzfeed. Most recently she served as a judge for the inaugural One World Award, presented at the Consensys Blockchain for Social Impact Conference at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. She is currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and the Founder and CEO of Women of Color in Blockchain, Inc (WCB). WCB along with it's partners work to enhance the perspectives represented at conferences, companies, and projects across the blockchain ecosystem and the tech industry.

Patience Teiko Tetteh

Freelance Software Engineer (GHANA)

Patience is a software engineer in Ghana, Accra with a passion for computer science and it application to business development especially the banking industry.

Aniefiok Saviour Divine

Longrich International

Aniefiok has a Background in Environmental science, She,s a Life Coach and an Entrepreneur


Founder and CFO of the Advanced Family care Medical Group Inc. (USA)

A native of Jamaica Holds an MS in Nursing/Midwifery and Finance(University of Southern California-USC) , Lorna is today based in Beverly Hills, California where she has built a career as a business leader for economic growth and development. Among her many executive roles, she is the Democratic National Committee(DNC) Assistant treasurer and the Honorary Consul of Jamaica to Los Angeles. Also the Founder and CFO of the Advanced Family care Medical Group Inc.
An Olympic qualifying athlete, entrepreneur, as she leads the Veritaseum team( in Political Affairs, philanthropy and business development. A certified healthcare professional, Lorna has dedicated her life’s work to enhancing communities through inspired-change, urban renewal, and public-private partnerships.
In 2012, Lorna was appointed by President Obama to the Advisory Committee for the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

Deborah N. Owonibi

Founder: Women in Blockchain Nigeria & Co-founder Gini & Civil Construction Ltd.

Deborah is a Civil Engineer with years of experience in structural design and construction works. She has worked both as a design and site engineer before co-founding Gini Civil and Construction Ltd -a design company that focuses on structural design, maintenance, property management and construction.
In response to the recent global awareness in Blockchain technology and her driving passion in technology advancement for women, she felt the need to get Nigerian women involved in the emerging Blockchain technology and the opportunity it presents. To achieve this, she brought together few known female Blockchain experts/educators and enthusiasts in Nigeria to brainstorm on the possible ways women can be encouraged in this male dominated Blockchain space and subsequently, Women in Blockchain Nigeria was born - a non governmental organization dully registered with the cooperate affairs commission of Nigeria.
Women in Blockchain Nigeria (WBN)has in its mandate a drive to support/educate women and young girls/children in Nigeria on the benefits of Blockchain technology, coding for kids in school within Nigeria, organize Hackthons for children most especially the girl child. Educate and sensitize women on the use of innovative technologies in their businesses using fintech, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through partnerships and collaborations with companies and organizations with similar mandate and vision.

Paul Ezeafulukwe

President Stalkholders in Blockchain technology Association of Nigeria.

Trade Partner of over 15years with Globacom, Multi Links, Starcommms, Econet Wireless, Vmobile, Celtel and Zain.
Currently working on scaling Remittances and Health care for Universal coverage on the Ethereum network.

Nathaniel Luz

Executive Director, Cheetah Africa

Nathaniel Luz is the Executive director of Cheetah Africa; a pool of African startups and innovations, focused on building solutions around Fintech and Blockchain. He firmly believes that Africa would leverage on the 4th industrial revolution to catch up with the rest of the world. Nathaniel Luz has worked with keynote, Organizers of the World Blockchain Forum in Dubai, London and New York. He is commited to sensitizing the African community about the Blockchain technology, which leads him to organize Blockchain and Fintech events accross various cities in Africa.

Lucky Uwakwe


Lucky Uwakwe is the founder of SABI EXCHANGE; a pool of African startups and innovation. He is also the COO at Vlockchain solutions limited and efficiently responsible for the seamless running of daily operations of the Blockchain company. With a masters degree in Digital currency and Blockchain Technology from Universty of Nicosia Cyprus, He is at the forefront of Blockchain and digital currency innovation and advancements in Africa. Lucky Uwakwe is also a strategic and experienced advisor at as a Blockchain technology expert with years of experience in the field. A philanthropist and Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist Entrepreneur.

Linus Kingdom


Linus Kingdom is a managing editor at eBlockbuzz who is widely regarded as one of Africa's top Blockchain media expert. With a demonstrated history in mainstream media and Buisness Development Board of Europeian and African Blockchain brands, Kingdom is in the forefront of information disemmination in the global Blockchain ecosystem.

Sinclair Skinner

Co-Founder of BitMari

Sinclair Skinner is Co-Founder of BitMari, the largest Pan-African Bitcoin wallet provider that is using blockchain technology to open doors of financial inclusion and economic empowerment. BitMari has been among the most successful bitcoin companies in Africa and is the first to partner with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to lower remittance fees across the Diaspora.
Under his leadership, the company launched the first ever blockchain based accelerator for women farmers in Africa. The accelerator targets Zimbabwean women farmers to use Bitcoin as a digital coupon and connects farmers to direct investment with smart contracts.
Mr. Skinner, is not only dedicated to disrupting traditional methods of banking that leave communities powerless but is laser-focused on disrupting traditional education systems that fail to expose youth to cutting-edge technology in cryptocurrency. In 2017, BitMari kicked off the first-ever Transatlantic bitcoin and blockchain tour to over 20 colleges and universities. Each stop included focus group discussions, fintech hackathons, and tech job recruitment.
Prior to BitMari, for over two decades Mr. Skinner strategically organized and lead movements for those disenfranchised politically. As an early adopter of bitcoin, he formed the African American Super PAC, 1911 United Political Action Committee, and became the first to accept bitcoins for contributions.
With the creation of the first Black Bitcoin Summit launching in DC, Skinner hopes that he can bring national and international voices together across the diaspora to help solve issues permeating through communities of color through the use of technology and blockchain.
His vision is to not just ease the pain of financial dependence and economic uncertainty, but bring an end to that pain by offering more monetary control to the people.
BitMari has expanded to eight other African nations, as well as the U.S., Japan, Canada, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, and China and global investments support development efforts in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.

Reggie Middleton

Founder, Disruptor-in-Chief and CEO of Veritaseum.

Reggie Middleton is the founder, Disruptor-in-Chief and CEO of Veritaseum, a fintech company that allows the decentralized transfer of value between two parties, thus eliminating the need for a trusted intermediary or third party.
Veritaseum has and is expanding its ability to allow parties/peers anywhere in the world to exchange anything of value with each other using the company’s blockchain-based technology, which includes smart contracts, to agree on the what, where, when, how and how much of almost any type of transaction. Veritaseum products and services can be applied across industries and geographies for B-to-B, B-to-C and C-to-C transactions.
His unique approach to stablecoins and asset-backed lending makes him a trailblazer in the evolving digital asset landscape.
Mr. Middleton has a history of guiding a small team of independent analysts to uncover truths seldom, if ever, published in the mainstream media or Wall Street analyst reports. He founded Boom Bust Blog in 2007 and has since established an outstanding track record, including but not limited to, the call of the financial world’s most historic events. Aaron Elstein of Crain's New York Business said "Mr. Middleton has been startlingly accurate in the past.
He forecasted the collapse of the housing market in 2007 and, in early 2008, warned of the demise of Bear Stearns weeks before it happened. Earlier this year, he said that Ireland's finances were in terrible shape long before Standard & Poor's got around to downgrading that nation's credit rating.” Reggie won CNBC’s stock draft competition In February 2013 and again in 2014, both times beating out six other professional traders.
After graduating from Howard University, Reggie worked for Prudential Insurance, focused on the sale of financial products. After leaving Prudential, he worked in financial securities and created and sold risk management solutions as an entrepreneur, before building a real estate portfolio as an entrepreneurial investor.

Ifeoma Illoh

CEO/Chief Strategist WiredINN

Ifeoma Illoh is a multipassionate entrepreneur driven by the belief that entrepreneurs solve problems and create needed human transformation, and that the world needs more empowered entrepreneurs.
Her entrepreneurial journey transcends industries. She became one of the pioneers and early campaigners of the digital/internet revolution in her country.
With her skills in areas such as customer centricity, acquisition, activation, retention and advocacy, Ifeoma has consulted and advised brands in markets such as: eCommerce, Agriculture, Crowdfunding, Fintech, etc. within the B2B and B2C space.
She champions the drive for value creation and exchange that solves real world problems using the blockchain technology.
She's the founder of WiredInn, a digital marketing agency and serves as an adviser on other tech start-ups.

Michael K. Nagenda

CEO & Founder of KIPYA | Group, KIPYA | BIT2BIG, VaultBridge, Blockchain Africa I/O (Uganda)

Michael Kiberu Nagenda is an African, Ugandan, Swiss German who is running multiple African tech initiatives in the FinTech and Cybersecurity space. Also founder and Vice Chairman of Blockchain Association of Uganda, Director of Umbrella Kids NGO. And father of 5+1. Blockchain, Cyber Security, Cloud, Big Data Expert with over 10 years business experience in Europe, Switzerland, Africa.


Bitcoin and Blockchain advocate, Crypto trader, Fundamental and technical analyst.


Chairman BeepMAGNET International Group

Dr Gilead Onyedika Okolonkwo; A prolific public speaker, writer, fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, fellow of the Nigeria Business Academy, certificate for Youth Enterprise with Innovation from the PAN – African University and, Honorary Diploma in Human Behaviour from the Peacful Mind Foundation and Doctorate in Management from Yesbud university, Zambia.
Don Gilead, as he is fondly called in the business circle is the CEO and Chairman of Nigeria’s e-commerce start-up, BeepMAGNET International Group.
BeepMAGNET International Group is a conglomerate of different business entities, all focused on eCommerce and Blockchain Technology; BeepPay System and Technologies Limited, BeepEstates Limited, BeepMarket, Beep- Travel and Tours Ltd, BeepHealthCare Limited, BeepXchange Limited, Beep eLearning Academy, MobGames, Sisibox, FastCredit Africa and Simple Merchant.
Dr Gilead believes that economic crisis and unemployment in Africa can be curbed through advance knowledge and financial intelligence in the e-Commerce space.
It is important to note that Dr Okolonkwo led the Team that developed Blockchain Merchant & Consumer Token (BMCT), which is a Utility crypto token to Drive BLOCKCHAIN CONSUMER REWARD Loyalty.
Dr. Gilead is also a proud member of Africa’s Under 40 CEOs. In 2018, he was named as one of the 100 Most Influential Young People in West Africa. He has bagged several awards which includes; the West African Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017, Karifest Indigenous Service Award 2017, the Pan African Humanitarian Awards for Enterprise and Youth Empowerment 2017 in Tanzania, the National Impact Merit Award for Excellence 2018, Influential CEO's award 2018, and won an award for Youth Advocacy at the Nigeria Youth Peace summit and honours, 2018.

Eric Annan

CEO KubitX

Eric Annan is a Blockchain advocate and educator. He is a cofounder and CEO of KuBitX, a Pan-African Blockchain Solutions Company.
Prior to this, he founded; a cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana, and had also served as a Lead Technical Account Manager at Huawei Technologies.
Eric’s strong belief is that, money is a byproduct of satisfaction obtained as a result of giving meaningful service to people. He has been working to create a platform where selfless individuals collaborate to enable Africans (especially) own a stake in the ever growing new economy of financial independence, freedom and economic liberation.

Chinedu Onyeaso

Partnerships Head for Africa Blockchain Alliance

Chinedu Heads Partnerships and Community for Africa Blockchain Alliance which is building a community of blockchain experts, enthusiasts and stakeholders in Africa. He also co-founded, a loyalty technology company.
Chinedu has a MSc in Electrical Electronics Engineering and Entrepreneurship from University of Nottingham, UK, and a BSc. in Electronics Engineering.